What you can expect from us:


We produce high quality building modules for a variety of applications. Whether for a home or a commercial use – we have the solution! Let yourself be surprised by our innovative approaches and solutions.

Modular construction will make a significant contribution to the construction of buildings over the next few years. Our wood modules are future-oriented from an ecological point of view.


Together with our partners, we develop new methods for controlling buildings – based on state-of-the-art software solutions. Whether in the B2B sector or as software for the end user, our new operating system for the use of buildings can be used for all applications in the building, whether at home or in the office.


With our partners, we have developed ground-breaking concepts for energy supply. They save not only money but well thought out down to the last. Together with the energy industry, we created intelligent storage solutions with the approach of “no carbon”. Thus, we make a contribution for energy revolution.


Look at us as a partner for your questions, when it comes to the rapid implementation of real estate projects. With our solutions, you can have an a ready building one year after project start. And at the highest quality level. Speak to us when you have asks about our products and services. For future cities need good, fast, cost-effective and flexible solutions. It still must apply the highest quality criteria.



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so we think about:
modular buildings
energy concepts
real estate developments

there will be billions more people in the cities

Modular concepts can make a small contribution to accomplishing this task.

For many years, we deal with the consequences of climate change and our limited resources. We have decided to develop concepts which are climate-neutral as well as conserving resources. Social considerations are in focus at the same time. What we consider, to when it comes to real estate development and energy supply can be used worldwide.

More than people on Earth live today, 3.500.000.000 of them live in the cities nowadays. By 2050 it will be people which then in cities will live. This means that we must build the world in which we live today once again in not even 35 years. And with the resources that we have, so that future generations will have a livable future.

Thus, it is our task in the conflict between climate protection and resource conservation on the one hand and a high demand on the other side to find appropriate solutions for the buildings of the future.

That prompts us to realize the best concepts and to use at the same time most modern technique in the building and in the production. Our customers should not compromise on comfort, yet at the same time have the good feeling of having done something for the future of our planet.

Our buildings can be built very short time and still achieve the highest quality standards. We pay attention to the design of our product lines precisely to a future use. For comfortable extras can be factory ordered with us already and placed later, per update, especially for technical details or temporarily used.

With these considerations, we want to contribute to the immense issues off the global growth arising tackle and a little way to solve them, like in a role model to contribute.

modulare Konstruktion


We develop modular building concepts with a high proportion of wood while respecting the use of renewable raw materials. The wood we need is replaced by appropriate reforestation. Thus, apart from the comfort in our modular buildings, the comfort and the good room climate, we achieve one thing above all else - sustainability! We create our buildings turnkey with guaranteed delivery and price guarantee. With our concepts and projects affordable housing is finally realizable again.


The energy transition will deal much in the next few decades. Only if we put every bit of strength to make this change, we will remain a Livable World for generations to come. That spurs us on. That's why we develop not only simple buildings or building modules. We have thought also of very special energy supply solutions. With modern and at the same time cost effective storage solutions, we contribute to the energy revolution and through our back-up storage solution to better utilization of all power plants.


Not only climate change concerns us. The large demand for real estate has led to ever increasing prices worldwide. In addition, the rules for construction of buildings assume ever greater proportions. Both ensures that for many issues not priced reasonable deals can be created. The modular manufacturing we ensure that we can get the highest quality that meet the rules, while keeping a reasonable price level.


We see ourselves as partners for all issues around solving housing, schools, daycare centres and similar buildings. With our solutions, we help to quickly, cost-effectively and sustainably create buildings that serve housing or other municipal needs. Together with the municipality, we analyse the needs and implement the projects quickly. We reduce the number of project and construction times by more than half! In this way, we achieve affordable and modern living at the same time.

modular planned residential project


residential projects, which are quickly available – we solve this with module construction

With our solutions, we are able with shortest lead times to implement housing projects.

Especially if the demand on housing must be met quickly, our solutions offer. We operate in the low-cost segment, as well as high-quality housing and can respond flexibly to the respective local conditions. For larger projects, we combine the far-reaching benefits of our modular solutions. The modular construction allows the optimization of project development in terms of time, quality and costs and relieves the project team. In particular the participating architects can focus on the creative themes.

Do you want it to be micro?

Of course, we are also your partner if you want to realize a project in the area of ​​small apartments. Whether it is business apartments or student housing, we offer you convincing solutions. And you get a sustainable product that is just as convincing as it is energetically.


… and inspire us to act properly.

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Günther Oettinger - EU Commissioner

“Today, more than 7,000,000,000 people already live on Earth…

... 3.5 billion of them in the cities. In 2050 there will be 10 billion people, of which 7 billion will live in cities. This means that in less than 35 years we will have to rebuild the world in which we live today. And this with the resources we have, so that future generations have a future worth living for."

Eckart von Hirschhausen

“Sorting trash will not be enough. …

... The treatment must address several areas, such as energy production, mobility and nutrition."

Greta Thunberg

“Today, we use one hundred million barrels of oil every single day. …

… There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in the ground. So we can't save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change and it has to start today."

Elon Musk

“We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, …

... which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe."

Chinese wisdom

“When the wind of change blows, ….

... some people build walls, others build windmills."

Mark Twain

“Of course I am interested in the future. …

... I want to spend the rest of my life in it. "

Quality for urban planning - modular building allows for an unimagined variety ...

... and is the right project decision, especially in inner-city locations.

modulare Projektentwicklung mit herausragender Architektur - - in anspruchsvollen städtebaulichen Situationen ist das modulare Bauen oft der Schlüssel für die Lösung der Projektentwicklungsaufgabe - modulare Projekte mit SEMODU

By the way, did you know that we plant trees again for each wood module manufactured by us

and make sure that the ecological balance is maintained. This is our contribution to climate protection.

But not only in reforestation we think sustainably. In all of our business areas we want to offer sustainable solutions and so we want to be a model for future property developments. Climate protection is very important to us. Through the use of wood in modular buildings, we actively contribute to the protection of our environment - wood saves enormous amounts of carbon dioxide.

up to 72 percent of the costs in building construction are avoidable costs

modular building construction is a way to affordable housing ...

Living is becoming more and more a luxury property and is hardly affordable for many people. Especially in the booming regions, there is only a very low supply of housing and often too high purchase and rental prices. There are many causes for this. One very important reason: More and more people are retiring and new workers are recruited by the companies. As a result, more housing is needed as the number of households increases. This development will continue and intensify in the coming years, at least until the baby boomers reach retirement age. In addition, the demand pressure in the booming metropolitan regions will continue to increase as the trend in the cities continues to increase. This is another argument why we are facing the challenge of affordable housing.

As a result, there are rising prices in all market segments, in the student apartment as well as in family housing or in the field of senior citizens’ housing. In addition to the pure market-specific topics, many cost drivers arise in the real estate projects themselves.

The dream of owning your own home or apartment is easier to achieve with a modular building.

The dream of owning your own home or apartment is easier to achieve with a modular building.

Which choice do we have?

Of course, we can shy away from this development and surrender before the development, or we face the task and work together to solve this great challenge.

Many factors in project development can not be influenced. The price and the location of a property are usually predetermined, the building codes and municipal statutes are usually rigid.

And yet we have the choice:

• We can rely on standardized modular concepts
• We can increase the speed of project development
• We can leverage the experience of planners and developers who have this expertise
• We can question the function in the floor plans and omit superfluous components
• We can adapt the building equipment exactly to the existing budget
• We can increase the flexibility for future use just by using modular concepts
• We can quickly make housing available and
• We can realize a perfect living experience on smaller apartment layouts.

We tackle all of this at SEMODU.

Advantages of modular construction:

modular construction reduces project costs considerably

modular construction shortens construction time by more than half

modular construction saves our resources

modular construction considerably reduces construction defects

modular building in wood construction can lead to a CO2 neutral project


For many years now we deal with the effects of energy-policy considerations in the development of society and consider in particular the effects on the real estate industry. Considerations for price developments in the construction, competitiveness, second rent or rents general, but also to the efficiency of real estate companies have always played a major role. From this we have developed supply solutions that meet the needs of our customers in particular. Save the energy that you need later on for a long time ago. As heat or electricity. With our partners, we have developed ideal concepts. The core of the energy supply is in our basic conception about power. This makes it possible in addition to the self-sufficiency in particular also depict the necessary future energy mix today. Where we can dispense with fossil fuels, because no corresponding usage rules exist, we rely entirely on electricity. We will advise you on the possibilities. You as our customer will have access to the solutions of the future today, so your power supply already today meets the requirements of the coming decades. Because with our solutions, we have the flexibility to respond to changing circumstances and buildings not only when heating but also when cooling is needed. So we meet the needs of the future. With a manageable additional initial investment we make later upgrades easy.

By the way, we want to make the energy technology used in the buildings we develop again understandable. At the same time we reach with our energy concepts but also a reduction in costs, both in investment, as well as the future maintenance.

The future of the building will be shaped most of such energy concepts, once companies realize that we need to completely eliminate the emission of carbon dioxide in order not to burden our climate further.

In addition to the methods we have developed brand new,we rely on other sustainable solutions to the energy supply. These include geothermal energy, what means geothermal heat and ice storage. In essence , however, we rely on the vacuum tank and in future increasingly on battery storage. With our storage technology, we contribute not only to save energy but provide for the construction of modular buildings, which have a positive energy balance.


With our partners we have developed a technique that makes it possible to store surplus electricity already during the summer months and to provide almost lossless in winter and make heat available. We store the electricity as heat in a very large vacuum tank. The vacuum reservoir is dimensioned so that a buffer is created for several days.

We use the most modern techniques and construction systems for our project developments and construction projects. We also offer services as part of a so-called service development. Participation in our project developments and urban development measures in the context of a joint venture or project-related cooperation is always possible.

modular or serial housing project in Leverkusen
Living in a modular house

Whether it's about wood modules, hybrid building modules, timber frame construction, system modules or system engineering in general, we always use the right technology for the specific project. In doing so, we differentiate module construction for each project, ie the use of entire room cells and room system and serial construction. In serial construction, the advantages of two-dimensional prefabricated building elements are used, whereby in module construction, the use of room modules of the highest manufacturing quality is used. The room modules are usually equipped ready for occupancy. Depending on the project, however, it is also possible to reduce the degree of coverage of the building modules in order to offer more options for any special requests.

Modular construction and modular project developments are our expertise. Please contact us if you too want to benefit from the advantages, the speed and the cost advantage. Or you simply invest in our modular project developments in Germany.

modular planning of a residential building