29. March 2016

building modules

Our modules…

… thoughts of a creative team

We have developed a method by which we can manufacture building modules that satisfy the highest demands. The modules are manufactured at our partner factories and assembled on site. Assumes an existing base plate and - of course - a basement is possible. 

Using a very specific process we reduce the assembly time to a minimum. So we reach the completion of a building sooner - in a fraction of the time required for a conventional building. And we achieve a quality that convinces!

What have we thought?

Keep it simple

Our considerations we have derived through intensive development work in the industry. The slogan is: " Plug and Play ". What does this mean? Well, no more and no less than that we have developed the modules conscientiously. They can be placed almost anywhere in the building, while the technical connections always work. This too is an aspect which reduces the necessary time to build up those houses. Also it improves the quality and ultimately reduces the cost of construction.

This added value we give to our customers, through technical innovation, we constantly evolve. 

hybrid concepts...

...lead to versatile modules

Our building modules are thought to form a hybrid module constellation basis. We develop in the context of a small batch production. The basic idea of the modules is based on a wooden support structure in an optimized sandwich construction, we have already developed.

The modules are similar to a massive building. We achieve this by the fact that the outer and inner casing have a great strength and already bring own good wearing properties. Unlike the previously known methods, our modules are fitted and made that we are able to build every building. Starting with private homes to large appartement buildings with several floors, we can realize this with always the same basic modules. So we achieve short project times.



Creative Business Idea

Whether student living or family living, whether senior citizens or living for singles. In principle, modular concepts can be applied to all forms of living.

Think of a modular system from your childhood, with a number of different modules could be implemented even then completely different designs. It is precisely this circumstance that we make use of. In our team we have already developed different room modules down to the smallest detail. If we now occupy ourselves with a concrete location, we access the already existing module construction kit and create a perfect building solution for the location. At the same time, the focus is always on people with their usage requirements.

almost all apartment types are possible

Modular concepts can be implemented quickly

Modular building concepts are quickly available in several ways. The construction period is significantly reduced and amounts to only a few weeks for the above-ground part of the building and only achieves a construction period of several months for large building complexes. By using the existing planning modules, the planning time is also considerably shortened. This shortens the overall project time considerably. The capital commitment is shorter, the personnel costs lower, the construction costs sink, in short, the project becomes “affordable”. While the construction site is being prepared on the construction site or the basement floors are under construction, the building modules are already being manufactured in the production plant. As soon as the construction site is approved for the building construction, the modules are delivered. Then you can see the building grow in the truest sense of the word, because even with large buildings, the construction time is only a few weeks to a few months.