24. July 2017

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Buildings on modular basis lead to shorter construction times and reduce the building cost. If they are produced then still in industrial manufacture, one reaches the highest high-class level. This are the essential reasons, why we make a contribution for the payable living and for the serial house building with our solutions. With comprehensive modular project development in different technical typologies - conventionally - hybrid - ecologically. We straighten our projects always in the claims of our customers, so that the perfect product originates for every requirement.

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Without permanently observing the technical and digital development, no sustainably successful real estate projects can be implemented. That is why we pay attention to the use of the right digital technology for all projects. We are convinced that not the hardware is at the center of the technical considerations but rather the right choice and applied software plays a central role. We are monitoring the global market for software providers without having to follow every trend, because we want to determine the trends.

The implementation of groundbreaking energy concepts is one of our services. However, we do not want to use even more expensive technical components in the buildings but focus on the right technologies. Thus, we have developed state-of-the-art storage technologies that allow excess electricity to be stored from your own production or from the power grid nearly lossless in the buildings. With this technology and strong partners from the energy industry, we can already present the solutions for the next decades and for the necessary energy turnaround. At the same time, we often achieve investment savings.

logo SEMODU energy - groundbreaking energy concepts
logo SEMODU green - climate and environment protection

With our solutions we are thinking about the future of the next generations. That is why we not only pay attention to a cost-effective construction, but also have a particularly healthy and environmentally friendly product - in the field of modular timber construction. By using healthy building materials and avoiding crude oil-based insulation, we actively contribute to environmental protection and climate protection - for a healthy life and work for the next generations.

Especially for regions in which the handling of the water resource is of particular importance, we develop modular buildings with global partners that enable the use of the water on site to be recycled and reused directly. This is essential in arid areas and climatic zones. We are also sure that with such concepts we can proactively reduce possible causes of escape in many countries. This product is aimed at government institutions, aid agencies and the United Nations (UN).

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logo SEMODU bionics - look what our nature shows to us

Have you ever thought that nature has a research leap of several billion years. With a strategic international partner, we use this insight for our projects. We would be happy to advise you, however, if you would like to use elements from the field of bionics for your own project. In this case, our partner will accompany you in your project and show you astonishingly forward-looking ways for a better real estate product.

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