14. April 2019

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Frank Talmon l'Armée - Founder and CEO

Frank Talmon l'Armée


CEO and founder

Frank Talmon l'Armée is a proven real estate expert. The real estate economist switched to management positions in the Allianz Group, to project development and was responsible for nearly 20 years with well-known project developers as part of the management for development, business development, finance and organization. He is a member of various organizations and has developed a method for the serial production of building modules. Since 2016, the SEMODU Group has been building modular buildings with the highest standards.

Director at SEMODU INVESTMENTS Limited

Simone Talmon l'Armée



Simone Talmon l'Armée has been the director since the company was founded in 2016. She is responsible for the entire organization and administration of the company. In addition, she currently manages the Human Resources department.

It is based in the South-West Germany group of the group.

Chariman of the Board SEMODU AG

Dieter Pape



Chairman of the Board


Dieter Pape has been a long-time companion of the founders of SEMODU AG and so he is also its chairman.


As a tax consultant and accountant, he is an absolute expert on all financial issues. Dieter Pape is one of the intellectual co-founders of the founding of the SEMODU Group.

other members of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of SEMODU AG currently has a total of three members. In addition to Chairman Dieter Pape, these are:

Jens Höhl - Member of the Board

Jens Höhl

Since 1998, Jens Höhl has served as the CEO of Pape Consulting AG, Munich. In 1994, Jens Höhl took over the management of the trust department for various fund companies at an accounting firm in Munich. In 2003, he took over the function of the board of management of today's URA Research GmbH in Munich, which is supported by auditors.

Dieter Rebitzer -Meber of the Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Dieter Rebitzer

Dieter W. Rebitzer ist ein deutscher Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Professor für Finanzierung und Investition in der Immobilienwirtschaft. Seit 2002 ist er Professor für Finanzierung und Investition an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Umwelt Nürtingen-Geislingen (HfWU). Von 2007 bis 2009 leitet er als Geschäftsführer das Institut Wohnen und Umwelt (IWU), eine gemeinsame Forschungseinrichtung des Landes Hessen und der Stadt Darmstadt.

Advisory Board

Roland Egger

Ingo Kronenberg

Friedhelm A. Schmitt

Norbert Unterharnscheidt

Götz von Waldeyer-Hartz


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