24. March 2016


We develop completely new methods to create innovative products. For our all future and a living in a livable world.

the right materials

With our modules , we focus on hybrid building concepts. We try to keep the wood content in our modules as high as possible. With the technology that we use, we achieve the best values in terms of heat, but also soundproofing. Our team has developed methods that enhances the particular positive characteristics of the materials used.

timber - wood for building construction

these are the facts

  • We build sustainably and reduce CO2 share significantly.
  • Our design is significantly less expensive and thereby we achieve a considerably higher quality and dimensional accuracy as in conventional structures.
  • The construction times are below 50 % of the ordinary.
  • We have developed an energy concept as a contribution to the energy revolution.
  • Despite modularity we can build six floors now, this will be soon spread to seven.

Because of the clear reflections on pitches we can also create office buildings, hotels, student residences or micro apartments. In the height development of our modules are, because of the different types of use, different ceiling heights. The other grids are independent of the type of use.

We create modules for many different types of usage.

the digital building equipment of our modules is important to us

Our building modules differ in many aspects from those of other manufacturers.

This one aspect is especially important to us: the digital infrastructure and at the same time, the comfort for the tenants of the buildings. Imagine, you have a software that can control the entire building. If this software even on common operating systems can be used, this is a great advantage for all involved.

But we think even further. Our development deals with the control of building infrastructure via a Smartphone. Do you have concerns about data protection? Do not worry, we have also installed solutions on offer. Our buildings and building modules are therefore not only environmentally pioneering, but in particular also a milestone in the digital equipment of future-oriented buildings.


working place maybe in office or at home


only strictly: The activity of bionics

We are constantly working on new concepts and implement only the best techniques in our products. For this reason, we work closely with an internationally active company in the field of Bionics. Through this cooperation we can integrate the findings from the field of bionics, into our technical building concepts and reach the best possibilities for our customers for their buildings. This leads to reduced use of resources, longevity of the modules, more quality and, in the end, even cost savings.